Healing as Revolutionary Praxis 

I spent many years of my early activist life focusing on systems and structures. I ignored everything my body was telling me. I ignored the lived embodiment of those I was fighting for and in solidarity with. All that changed with a PTSD diagnosis and a nervous breakdown. 

Today I understand embodied healing as a key component of revolutionary praxis. As Audre Lorde famously noted, self-care is not indulgent, it is "self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." 

It is in this spirit that I aim to heal myself (as a queer, mentally ill, working-class, poverty-surviving femme), and seek to heal others. Liberation requires not only the dismantling of structures, and the reimagining of worlds, but also the deep care of hurting bodies. 

My most profound healing has been through tarot and yoga. I offer both services. You can read more below. 


I approach tarot as a praxis for community care. My readings are based on my long-time activist and healing work. I do monthly tarot scopes for the Feminist Killjoys, PhD newsletter and on the blog. My interpretations of the cards are channeled from revolutionary and familial ancestors, along with my own wisdom gained from collective resistance, critical theory, and bodywork. In addition, my readings are guided by my own positionality as a white, working-class, queer femme. 

I offer personal readings and year- or lifetime-card love notes. Contact me if you're interested in an offering. <3 


I am a certified vinyasa yoga and group fitness instructor, with training in trauma-informed yoga. First and foremost, I do this work acknowledging fully the roots from which it came, and for whom it was originally intended (not wealthy white ladies in the US, which is now the primary market focus of the industry).


In an effort to pay homage to those whose practice I benefit from, I consistently teach free yoga classes to underserved populations. I started a yoga program at the Hennepin County Jail in Minneapolis where I taught boys in juvenile detention, and also volunteer with Hands to Heart Center.  I also teach many fundraiser classes to benefit marginalized communities.

Further, I take seriously the cultural roots of the practice and have studied original yoga texts extensively. These roots show up in all the classes I teach. 

You can read more about my thoughts on yoga and cultural appropriation here, or listen to a discussion about it on my podcast here

Still with me? Cool. If you're interested in hiring me to give a talk on yoga, diversity, cultural appropriation, and/or trauma at your yoga studio, contact me. <3 Additionally, if you'd like to bring me to your activist organization or underserved community, let me know and I'd be happy to teach a free class/classes. 

Namaste & Fight the Power 

"My reading with Raechel was, at its essence, empowering, thought-provoking, surprising, and kind.

It allowed me to reflect on some questions that had been occupying my mind from a different lens, and I carried that perspective with me for months past the reading (and still today). What I really appreciated about this experience, beyond the information I pulled from the cards, was Raechel's facilitation and guidance. Her reading was full of kindness, positive curiosity, and authenticity. Raechel can hold space equally for light, serious, or messy feelings without judgement, does so in a way that made me feel fully supported and kept the experience approachable."

-- Kathleen

"Raechel is an excellent tarot reader. Her reading was thorough, and was carefully planned for my comfort and paced to allow space for me to ask questions during the process. During the reading I was offered reassurance and affirmation in the decisions I had been questioning. Raechel is also very nice and charming, and I would recommend her to anyone." 

— Jess

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