Selected Publications

"Why May Day Continues to Capture the Hearts and Imaginations of Workers" In These Times 


"Over the Shoulders"  Rag Queen Periodical 

"The Riot Isn't Over: 6 Movements that Map Militancy in LGBT History" Autostraddle 


"High Risk: The Automation of Pretrial Detention" Mask Magazine

"Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers" (profile) 

"Orange is the new Black's Instagram Chooses Fandom Over Social Justice" Bitch Media 

"How to be an Ally to Trans People" Teen Vogue 

"5 ways to navigate your partner's wealth during the holidays" The Body is Not an Apology


"A sex-positive and transformative justice approach to #MeToo" Scarleteen

"How to Cope without a Full-Time Job Offer" Inside Higher Ed ​

"It’s time to stop believing America’s biggest myth about welfare"  The Daily Dot​

"University Shamefully Orders the Arrest of Students Fight for a More Just University System"

The Huffington Post

"Buzz About Kristen Stewart’s Sexuality Tells Us a Lot About Society’s Discomfort with Bisexuality" The Huffington Post

"Post-Feminism & the Dehumanization of Sex Workers in SNL's Moet & Chandon Sketch" In Media Res

Past Blog 

Rebel Grrrl Living (blog archives 2011-2016) ​

Interviewed In 

Warning: Schools consider pre-rating syllabi to avoid emotional triggers” USA Today 

​“Warning Labels on College Courses?” On Point with Tom Ashbrook (NPR)

​“Should college and university professors attach “trigger warnings” to certain kinds of course material?” The Current (CBC) 

Five Things to Know About the Employment Non-Discrimination Act” Rolling Stone    

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