Professor Raechel

Raechel has over a decade of teaching and research experience. She received her BA from DePaul University in Communication Studies with a minor is Social Justice Studies, an MA from DePaul in Culture and Communication, and a PhD from the University of Minnesota in Critical Media Studies with a minor in Feminist & Critical Sexuality Studies.  

Raechel's master's thesis explored prefigurative world making and anarchist politics in the US info shop movement. Her doctoral dissertation was a critical ethnography and discourse analysis of the relationship between the US labor movement and LGBTQ workers. Her current research focuses on experiences of trauma in jails and detention centers, drawing on her activist work with prison abolition organizations (the Massachusetts Bail Fund; Black and Pink) and her work teaching yoga in a youth detention center. 

Raechel has taught numerous courses in Women's & Gender Studies, Communication Studies, and Social Justice Studies. She also led a study-abroad course in England, focusing on immigrant, LGBTQ, and religious minorities in the UK. 

Raechel is motivated by public intellectuals and critical pedagogues who are committed to making research and teaching accessible. She is inspired by the work of bell hooks, Stuart Hall, Paulo Freire, Howard Zinn, and others who believe that "education is a practice of freedom." 

You can read more about her academic work on her CV.

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